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Established in 1920, Conserves Factory Pinhais & C.ª Lda., legally certified, probably produces Portuguese and World’s best canned fish. It uses on its manufacture the freshest fish, as well as pure olive oil, tomato and other high quality ingredients. It guarantees, through its own traditional method, its culture, of values and entire teamwork, added value and quality products.

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The adoption of a quality management system was a strategic decision of Pinhais & Ca. Lda., contributing to the competitiveness of the sector, seeking for continuous improvement and meeting the internal and external needs assessment , including certification bodies, the ability to meet Client's increasing satisfaction levels. To be certified by an European standard, in case the 9001 (2008), ratified by CEN, whose members are the national standards bodies in countries such as: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland among others, allows us to ensure the compliance of our products with the requirements of those destinations, as well as the highest standards of systems product quality assurance processes, records and staff. .

NP EN ISSO 9001-2008

International food safety Audits ensure compliance of Pinhais & Ca. Lda. with the IFS Food, which are the regulations of the International Featured Standard, which apply to all producers and Packers/ Fillers of food all over the world. IFS certification continuously improves our operational efficiency and quality of our products, keeping the methods and traditional flavors, always with an excellent "Higher level" to the highest international standards of quality and safety control in the food area. .

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Pinhais & Ca. Lda. get Halal certificate from an authority foundation Halal Institute of Portugal, showing to their customers the trust in a high quality level product, because the Halal Certificate contains the most ultimate level quality standards. So, it is a very significant tool for us and take advantage than other competitors. There is favor, beauty, cleanliness and healthy in the Halal product. .

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Special occasions recipessimply delicious

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Ingredients: 1 Can of sardines in olive…

Sardine with all

Sardine with all

Ingredients: 1 Can of sardines in olive…

Sardines Ceviche

Sardines Ceviche

Ingredients: 1 Sardine can ontomato ½ …

Sardine Salad with Vegetables

Sardine Salad with Vegetables

Ingredients: 1 Can of sardines in olive…

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The need for a safe haven for ships heading to Porto led to the construction at the end of the XIX century ,of Leixões Port. It was the beginning of intense urban and industrial process transformation around the city of Matosinhos, where sardine fishing and canning industry was the main motor for economic development which led Matosinhos , on May 28 of 1984,to city Status.

Fábrica de Conservas Pinhais & Ca Lda
Av. Menéres, 700
4450-189 Matosinhos – Portugal

Telf: +351 22 938 00 42
Fax: +351 22 937 31 01

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