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Our StoryAll Started Like This

From humble beginnings…

Established in 1920, Conserves Factory Pinhais& C.ª Lda., legally certified, probably produces Portuguese and World’s best canned fish. It uses on its manufacture the freshest fish, as well as pure olive oil, tomato and other high quality ingredients. It guarantees, through its own traditional method, its culture, of values and entire teamwork, added value and quality products

Pinhais& Cª Story was first written in shades of grey.

We are proudly a piece of living history! Using the freshest fish since 1920, we guarantee through a unique traditional method the highest quality products.Our prestige was built upon the most traditional of values, and stands on the work of a team that strives to take the purest taste of the sea to your table, for an exclusive Nature palette of flavors: the freshest fish; the most exquisite olive oil; the juiciest tomatoes; the most stimulating spices!A basket of finely selected products from a legally certified company Founded in 1920, in a fishing village – Matosinhos - on the outskirts of Porto, on the west coast of Portugal. At that time, Pinhais& Co. Ltd was a small family run business, dedicated to the manufacturing and canning of fish. Nearly 100 years later this prestigious company remains in the same family and it is well known in the sector by manufacturing and producing the finest canned fish following the traditional processes.

Pinhais& Co. Ltd Have opted for continue using the traditional methods, instead of those used by other canning industries. And what makes this process so unique is that very little of today’s technological innovation is implemented throughout the whole process. In fact we could say that nearly everything is done by hand. Only at the stage of cooking, sterilization and the sealing of the tins, do Pinhais& Co. Ltd use machines, in the whole process of canning their fish. Pinhais& Co. Ltd prides themselves in being one of the only factories still producing sardines in this way.

The present company manager, and his staff of 120 employees can put the company’s current success and longevity down to the fact that they always choosing quality above quantity. Only using fresh fish and quality raw materials, and maintaining the traditional process for production has given them the name that makes Pinhais& Co. Ltd a winner and leader in the canning industry, and market of today.

Today Pinhais& Co. Ltd dedicates itself to the manufacturing of canned fish, namely Sardines in pure olive oil, pure spiced olive oil and tomato sauce. They also produce canned Mackerel in olive oil (when is season). The company exports their products to demanding markets such as the USA, Austria and Italy, amongst other countries. Their products can also be found in gourmet shops all over Portugal.

Pinhais& Ca. has several certifications that show our continuous commitment with food quality and food safety. In 2006 our company implemented a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 and achieved in that same year the certification according to that standard. 4 years later, in 2010, we made a new step forward: we implemented a quality and food safety according to IFS Food requirements and achieved immediately on the first year the IFS Higher Level certification. In the same year, following our deep recognition of the importance of the quality of our raw materials in the quality of our products, we achieved the certification of our company according MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for sustainable chain of production and commercialization of Portuguese sardines products.

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The need for a safe haven for ships heading to Porto led to the construction at the end of the XIX century ,of Leixões Port. It was the beginning of intense urban and industrial process transformation around the city of Matosinhos, where sardine fishing and canning industry was the main motor for economic development which led Matosinhos , on May 28 of 1984,to city Status.

Fábrica de Conservas Pinhais & Ca Lda
Av. Menéres, 700
4450-189 Matosinhos – Portugal

Telf: +351 22 938 00 42
Fax: +351 22 937 31 01

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