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Spring Rolls

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1 Can of sardines in olive oil
3Rice leaves
Rice Noodles
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
¼ Red cabbage
½ Yellow pepper
Sweet and sour sauce

Place the noodle sin a bowl, cover with boiling water and slightly unleash the noodles with a fork.
After 3 minutes, drain the pasta and passthrough coldwater.
Cut the peppers, carrots and red cabbage into thin strips and the cucumber into slices.
Place the rice leafin a recipient with water until soft.
In the center place the sardine and over lap the remaining ingredients.
Fold the sheet over the filling and then thesides, tightening the wrap and the content.
Repeat the process on the remaining leaves of rice.
Serve immediately accompanied the sweet and sour sauce and chopped chives.

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