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"Vintage"Old things with history...

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Our facilities
The industrial building belonging to the canned fish manufacturer was built in 1923 and enlarged in 1945.Nearly 100 years later this prestigious company remains in the same family and is well known in the sector for manufacturing and producing the finest canned fish following traditional processes.
Old cans
How Old is My Can? Special people can brew cannedfish, but only God can make rust! Our history in cans!!Check it out!
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Few in our facilities, but with great Visual. The Industrial Revolution created a demand for metal parts used in machinery.
Posters and more
When looking at the ads of yesteryear, it is observed that the vast majority was made with illustrative drawings, drawings that were sometimes represented by people known and not known in his time.
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... Heritage ...
Remember the Days of Old, consider the years of many generations: ask your father, and he will show you; your elder, and they will tell you.
Documents of sale
A bill of sale is a document that transfers ownership of goods from one person to another.Each of this documents takes a little piece of us to somewhere in the world!
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The sea and the beach
Life´s made of small moments that become great when shared with our loved ones! When we find someone to share this moments, everything can start with a simple sharing, or a moment of complicity under a blanket of stars. AMORETTE - love on its simplest form.

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The need for a safe haven for ships heading to Porto led to the construction at the end of the XIX century ,of Leixões Port. It was the beginning of intense urban and industrial process transformation around the city of Matosinhos, where sardine fishing and canning industry was the main motor for economic development which led Matosinhos , on May 28 of 1984,to city Status.

Fábrica de Conservas Pinhais & Ca Lda
Av. Menéres, 700
4450-189 Matosinhos – Portugal

Telf: +351 22 938 00 42
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